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Solar and Renewable Energy


Solar and Renewable Energy sources are environmentally clean and save current fossil fuel for precision application for a sustainable future energy. Technology has evolved to a level that they are no longer considered in R&D stage. Though further R&D will continuously bring product innovation and new application, in today’s market place solar and renewable energy products are commercially successful in returning investment within very short time example as low as 3 years.


International and national legislative framework supports some incentives in various forms such as rebates, carbon credit and high tariff for renewable electricity.


In some areas emergency supply of power when grid fails due to national power shortage, solar systems can be an alternative clean, safe and long lasting solution.


In remote areas where traditional sources are expensive or not available, solar and other renewable source is a genuine solution


Our Solar and Renewable Energy products and services cover all areas of application found necessary in the modern urban or rural living need.


    Power Supply



·         Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Power Generating Systems

o   Residential and commercial

o   Large Scale High Voltage Power Generator (1MW or bigger)

·         Remote Area Solar PV Power Supply System

o   Residential and commercial

o   Low Voltage Power Generator (<1MW) for community Power Supply

·         Solar Emergency Power Supply System. For areas where grid power interruption is an issue. System is grid interactive for residential and commercial application.

·         Solar Street Lighting System


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