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Australian Energy Future

Energy price in Australia is on the verse to rise. Australian electricity tariff is one of the lowest tariffs in the world. Different states have taken steps to increase electricity tariff. NSW is expecting a rise of about 42% in the next 3 years.


In 2000, Australia was the highest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. It is one of the most coal dependent countries in the world and coal production is responsible for 38% of total greenhouse gas emission.


Australian government’s Expanded Renewable Energy Target of 20% renewable energy by 2020 and continue that level up to 2030 has potential to reduce greenhouse gas emission and that has also created enormous renewable energy activities. In this, the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emission and dependency to fossil fuel coal are.



  • Generating solar and other renewable electricity, such as solar photovoltaic (PV), as well as


  • Displacing electricity use with renewable energy sources such as solar water heating


That means using solar and renewable sources for all energy needs; families and businesses will be under less economic pressure when electricity price continues to rise at the same time save the planet from climate change and save natural fossil reserves for a sustainable future.


Australian government’s incentives such as rebates for solar electricity systems, bonus Small or Large renewable energy Technology Certificates (STC and LTC) scheme and Feed-in-tariff solar bonus scheme is accelerating achievement of the expanded renewable energy target.


After the Expanded Renewable Energy Target is fulfilled in 2030, together with Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS), the programs like Carbon Trading Schemes will move, ensuring equipments and buildings operating at the best energy efficiency, so the economic burden of energy use is reduced for a sustained good living for everyone.


It seems, families and businesses can no longer afford to stay behind from acquiring solar and renewable energy systems, increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy demand as soon as possible.


Solar E.Technology Australia is committed to provide products and services that help families and businesses stay ahead of energy and environmental crisis.

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