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Solar E.Technology International offers energy strategy for a sustainable growth of its clients from developing nations. Research and consulting services are provided to private and public entities enabling them to make correct energy related decisions in all product and services areas.

It also arrange to supply solar and renewable energy products that suites the budget and outcome to its clients portfolio.

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Solar E. Technology Bangladesh

Solar E. Technology is now operating in Bangladesh. It is currently offering affordable Solar DC IPS and Solar AC IPS emergency solar power supply for residential homes, appartments and commercial buildings.

? The Solar DC IPS comes with energy efficient LED light and DC fans replacing inefficent traditional AC lights and fans as well as reducing inverter. The products can be used independently or grid interactively.

? The solar AC IPS can be hooked up to the existing wiring backboon of traditional IPS or can be installed as new in multirecidency appartments or independent homes.

Both of these solar IPS can save up to 200% of energy bill compared to traditional grid feed IPS used to cope with power blackouts such as load shading and power failure.

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Solar E Technology in BangladeshSolar AC IPS in BangladeshSolar IPS for Appartment