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Energy efficiency is one of the most targeted areas of saving the planet from environmental impact of energy use and cost of operation. There is no point wasting energy wherever an efficient system can be used in affordable manner and returning investments in very short time. Depending upon application and the level of in-efficiency of an existing system payback on investment can be as low as few weeks. Scientists and engineers are working round the globe in improving energy efficiency in engineering equipments and systems on a continuous basis. It is a matter of applying these generously to achieve the target of sustainability.

Our strength is to apply whole system approach to provide cost optimum and correct application of the latest technologies, operational procedures and maintenance in many areas of thermal and electrical energy use. We apply leading edge latest energy modelling techniques to obtain optimum solution.

Systems and components:

Lighting System

Motor application

Engines, turbines and similar machineries using any primary fuel source for power generation or mechanical processes.

Heating and boiling devices like water heaters, water boiler and fluid heaters

Heat Exchange Devices

Use of Phase Change Material (PCM)

Refrigeration and air conditioning devices using synthetic (halogenated) or natural refrigerants (hydrocarbon or CO2)

Ventilation systems such as fan, ducts, motor etc.

Fluid machineries

Refrigerated display cabinets and refrigeration system for commercial refrigeration including supermarket

Whole building energy systems

Energy recovery, re-use and heat pump application

Systems and components compatible with Renewable Energy sources.

Application Areas:

Residential, Commercial and Industrial

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